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Flat and Shingled Roof Repair

Shingled Roof Repair

When wind, rain or ice damage your shingled roof, you may or may not need an entirely new roof. The roof doctor specializes in repair work that can not only solve the immediate problem but significantly extend the life of your roof.

When you call the Roof Doctor, we will go onto your roof and take accurate photographs for you, showing the problem. We will then discuss the issues and you can make decisions as to what you want repaired. There are no surprises!

So if you have wind damage to your roof, or severe rain or weather damage, if your shingles blow off or your vents blow off or if you have animal damage, leaking chimneys or vents, skylight problems or bathroom flange issues – you need the roof doctor. We will isolate the problem, discuss it with you and repair it to your satisfaction. Our work is guaranteed!

Flat Roof Repair

Every good building manager knows that you need to maintain your flat roof in order to keep it leak free.

We repair and maintain skylights, flanges, roof curbs and of course do general maintenance for your flat roof. We do repairs, or recondition modified bitumen, tar and gravel, EPDM roofing systems, and metal deck.

Remember your flat roof is an expensive investment in your building. Call us for inspections and maintenance of your roof and save yourself a good deal of money into the future.

Reconditioned Flat Roofs

In many cases, it may not be necessary to replace your flat roof. We can recondition your roof and save you lots of money!

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