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Roof Snow and Ice Dam Removal

We all know how the winter can take its toll on our roofs. We can help you prevent roof damage by removing snow and ice build-ups from your roof. This should be done by professionals to prevent further damage. We use several methods for the removal of Ice Dams from your Roof. When we arrive, we will assess the situation and with your approval will proceed with the most appropriate and cost-effective method.

We do provide steam removal of ice from your roof or eaves trough. Our steam equipment heats water to about 300 degrees. Our professionals use this equipment to remove ice off of your roof. Generally the ice is cut into chunks and then removed. It should be noted that the steam method is by far the fastest, most complete and least invasive way of removing removing ice damns. Please call us for more details about this system.

If there is water damage from ice dams, wet insulation, frozen roof boards or roof deck, condensation and sometimes moisture you can’t readily see, then you need the Roof Doctor. Many of these issues are caused by improper roof installation, insufficient ventilation or hanging eaves troughs. Call us for an analysis of your damage and problems, and we we’ll assist you and extend the life of your roof and structure.

Thanks for all the work, it look sand works really well. I would definitely give you a call if I need work in the future. Jon W.

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